Isothermal Community College

Campus Safety

Campus Safety

Isothermal Community College cares about the health and safety of its students. Please become familiar with safety information offered on flyers across campus and in publications such as the Student Handbook. Also, make note of the contact information for Campus Enforcement and call them immediately at 828-289-5850 should you become aware of a crime or emergency on campus.

Campus Enforcement and Campus Assistance

Isothermal Community College Rutherford Campus, Polk Center and Rutherfordton Learning Center are open to students and visitors on a regularly scheduled basis Monday-Friday. Some classes and special events are scheduled on weekends.

Campus Assistance staff secure all buildings after regularly scheduled activities have ended for the day. The Rutherford Campus has officers on duty five days a week, and the Polk Center has campus assistance personnel Monday-Friday.

Campus Enforcement is staffed by the College's resource officers, Jordan Ray and Cpl. Trey Hooper of the Rutherford County Sheriff's Department. These deputies are available to respond to situations involving classroom safety and security, drug and alcohol policy violations, harassment, and other potential criminal activity. Please contact one of them immediately in the event of any kind of campus emergency. Campus Enforcement may be contacted at 828-289-5850.

Campus Assistance staff is available to help with locking and unlocking of buildings, mail, delivery, emergency medical response, and other campus duties. Campus Assistance can be contacted at 828-289-1393.

Commitment to safety

The safety of the students who attend Isothermal Community College and the staff and faculty who work here is of the highest importance. We hope that what you read here will cause all of you to join with us in making safety a high priority. Be alert, be aware - you can determine in many cases whether you are going to be a victim or not. We at the College want to know your concerns, and we ask that you not hesitate to report any concerns you have. We want everyone to join together in making Isothermal Community College as safe as we possibly can.

The students and employees of Isothermal Community College are our most important assets, and every effort will be made to protect them by providing a safe and healthy place to learn. In order to complete this mission most effectively, the campus community needs to be informed of the fundamental safety and emergency procedures of the College. We realize that most people do not prepare for emergencies until they personally experience an emergency or tragedy. However, taking time now to prepare for emergencies, even the most basic, will help the campus community respond more quickly and efficiently should the need ever arise.